Re: Draft minutes of QAWG Telcon 2004-07-26

Anyone who remembers, please let me know the answers to #1 and #2 
below.  I'm working on QAH editing now, and need clarification of a couple 
details from the end of last telecon...

At 02:12 PM 7/27/2004 +0100, wrote:
>  LH: we agreed to split out appendix - primer & usage scenarios as a 
> seperate doc.
>  Follow links on the mail [2] I just sent: item (2). QAH now references 
> QA roadmap.
>  It's unclear what status of roadmap will be.

#1:  In the initial breakout, I made it a W3C "WG NOTE".  Did we reach any 
conclusion here, what we want it to be at the next QAH publication (now 
planned for 8/27)?

>  Regarding items 3,4,5: people might want to look at these and respond by 
> email
>  LR: Re. QAPD->TSPD: I recal from f2f that we discovered that all 
> different WGs
>  called it a 'test process' document
>  DH: Using 'TS' makes it too specialized - no room for non-test subjects 
> to be added.
>  LH: 90% of material is related to tests. but we don't restrict addition of
>  non-test material in there. So maybe we shouldn't clamp down the scope yet.

#2:  So ... did we decide to leave it as QAPD for this pub cycle?  Or to 
change it to TSPD?


>  [2]

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