Re: [SpecGL Draft] A.1 GP In the conformance clause, define how normative language is expressed.

Le 10 août 2004, à 17:53, Lofton Henderson a écrit :
>> This somehow solves also the issue I have raised about terminology
> "500 Internal server error"
> (For my taste, in agendas and email discussions, archive message 
> pointers are preferable to these /mid/ things.)

This is the same :p It's only that the redirection seems to be broken 
now. I'm using these references... when I'm offline and do not have 
access to the Web :)

> However, as I recall, you wrote a message about the use of normative 
> language in SpecGL, and the fact that SpecGL did not define its own 
> normative language.

No it was not the issue. The issue was about the placeholder of 
normative language definition. Is it in a section which has to be the 
conformance clause or in can it be only in a section which is 

Dom said [2] that it was not necessary to force people to put it in the 
conformance clause. but a reminder or a link from the conformance 
clause to the terminology section should be encouraged.

[2] (Hey I'm 
online, I can find the reference in the archive ;)

A.1 is precisely the one which says it has to be in the conformance 
	"In the ***conformance clause***, define how normative language is 

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