review of extensibility and versioning article

As assigned, I review the article on extensibility [1] and I agree 
with David's assessment [2].  SpecLite addresses the same issues/concerns 
with respect to extensibility and as David says, we don't address 
versioning, because we are focused on a single 'edition' of a specification.

I do suggest making a few additions to SpecGL to reflect some of what the 
article says....

1.  In Scope and Goals, indicate that versioning is out of scope.
Add after 3rd sentence, before sentence, "The goal...."
"It is about one 'edition' of a specification, so versioning is not addressed."

2.  In D3, Extensibility and Extensions, P1 What does this mean.
Add at the end, "If extensions are allowed, the next question is where will 
they be allowed."

Under Related:  Add: the article and Versioning XML Languages, 
Proposed TAG Finding 16 Nov 2003 [3]

3.  As I reread this section, I noticed several typos
In GP: Define error handling for unknown extensions --- multiple 
occurrences of
s/developpers/ developers/



Received on Saturday, 7 August 2004 13:39:34 UTC