QAH possible example

Earlier this week, Mark and I met with the XQuery Testing Group to talk 
about the QA and our documents, work, etc.  The XQuery Testing Group is 
newly formed.  Andrew Eisenberg (cochair) had invited Karl to attend and 
speak, but since it was at NIST, it made sense for Mark and I to do it.

Andrew was smart - he invited the QA to see what he (and the group) could 
leverage and learn, he also held the meeting at NIST.  This was smart 
because Mary Brady who has extensive knowledge and experience spent 2 days 
with them.  As she said to me, much of what they discussed was 
topics/issues that we have seen before starting and working with new test 

So, we should capture this - that is, Share the experience (share the pain) 
or the flip side, Seek a mentor/coach.
When a test group is starting, reading QAH, etc is good, but there are 
always additional questions and of course, everyone thinks they have some 
unique things.  But, if early on, the chair or new group met with someone 
who has 'been there, done that', then much time and pain can be avoided, 
the new test effort jump started, etc.

Don't know how to capture this.  It could be a story, example, or a GP.


Received on Friday, 6 August 2004 13:07:01 UTC