Re: [SpecGL] C2: Identify what is required, Pcp 2

More suggestions.

Replace 'level' with 'type' since we advocate level as a hierarchical 
functional level.

At 04:56 AM 8/3/2004, Dominique HazaŽl-Massieux wrote:
>Principle: Explain which conformance requirements are mandatory, which
>are suggested and which are optional
>What does this mean?
>Depending on the way you specify the conformance requirements, it may or
>may not be clear if an implementation needs to implement all of them or
>only part of them. Try and make sure one can easily distinguish the
>level of requirements they have.
>Why care?
>If implementors don't have the same understanding of what's required,
>interoperability is likely to suffer in the end.
>* use RFC Keyword (see Pcp 1)
>* group the requirements of same level in subdivision of the technology
>(see section @@@)
>For instance, HTTP 1.1 defines two level of conformance, one where all
>the MUST are respected, and one where all the MUST and the SHOULD are


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