last QAH editor's draft for a while


This, in substantive content, is what I propose for publication.  There 
won't be opportunity for me to do significantly more substantive work on it 
for a while.  What I will do is mostly:  clean out the editorial artifacts; 
align it with pubrules.

There are lots of small improvements, plus I implemented all of 20040426 
telecon results (that I could remember), plus I finished first editorial 
pass to integrate 2nd subsection of Appendix.

If the AI to provide examples is done in time, I'll try to integrate some 
more examples.  For now, a hyperlink embedded in an explanatory sentence is 
what I have been doing.  (We can be more thorough later, if we think it's 
useful to be more verbose.)

We are proposing now to publish QAH on 10th May, in time for the AC 
Meeting.  (That give me one working day after I return, for pubrules etc -- 
should be enough).  Plan/schedule for TestLite and SpecLite FPWD is 25th May.

I will be away and mostly out of contact from 28-apr to 6-may.


Received on Tuesday, 27 April 2004 17:45:05 UTC