Re: Looking for tips and help for an XKMS CR test suite

QAWG participants --

Is anyone from amongst www-qa-wg planning to respond to this msg on QAIG 
list?  (It actually looks like an intriguing topic from TestGL perspective, 
or trial application of our TestGL advice).

Keeping in mind past criticisms of our handling of public 
comments/questions, we want to be sure it doesn't go unattended -- note his 
final paragraph mentions "your WG", although it was sent to QAIG list.

If no one has planned to answer, or volunteers to do so now, then we may 
assign someone.  So please let me know if you plan to or want to take it.


At 04:49 PM 4/8/2004 +0200, Jose Kahan wrote:

>Hello folks,
>I'm writing to you on behalf of the XKMS WG. As you may know it,
>this Monday we published the XKMS CR[1].  Dominique Hazel-Massieux
>advised us to write you to get some guidance and benefit from your
>XKMS can be seen as two set of web services, X-KISS that allows
>to retrieve and process information stored in <ds:keyInfo> elements
>and X-KRSS for maintaining public-key information (generate, revoke,
>reissue) operations.  The web services are described as protocols
>and have a SOAP/1.2 bindings.
>The protocols have a common set of functionalities. For example,
>the response can be sent asychronously or synchronously, one can
>do a two-phase message exchange, send multiple requests (compounded).
>So far some developers have been contributing test cases, that is
>XKMS protocols exchanges between a client and a server that they
>are using during their development[2,3].
>We would like to have your tips in knowing how best to organize
>those test cases into a sensible test suite. If you have some tools
>available for testing protocols, they would be useful. The idea
>I had was to have a common set of public key vectors and a set
>of tests that can be run thru a script. The result of the tests
>will help us fill the interoperability matrix and fulfill our
>entrance criteria to PR.
>Many thanks in advance for any feedback you can give us.
>If appropriate, we can invite someone from your WG to participate
>in one of the XKMS teleconferences to discuss these problems.

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