about June f2f [ACTION]


We have had some wrinkles about f2f attendance in June.  We chose 8/9/10 
June.  It now turns out that 15/16/17 June might be better than 8/9/10 for 
optimizing attendance.  And it would be available if we informed Patrick 

At least, it looks better based on the survey we did a couple weeks 
ago.  But maybe your constraints have changed (other commitments, 
unchangeable air tickets, etc).  So please reply....

QUESTION.  Could you make:

** 15/16/17 June:  Y/N/uncertain ?
** 8/9/10 June:  Y/N/uncertain ?

Thanks in advance for you quick attention.


Received on Thursday, 1 April 2004 18:24:04 UTC