LC-29.5: clarify this extensibility resolution?

Lynne (or anyone) --

I'm updating lc-issues to incorporate some missed SpecGL resolutions and 
closures.  I have a question about LC-29.5 [1].  At the 20030505 telecon 
[2] we resolved not to change the text of GL9 to talk about "useful" forms 
of extensibility, but to leave that discussion for SpecET.

Lynne's processing plan proposal for 29.5 [3] had a 2nd part, which 
was:  "Add CP to require specs to specify how an implementation should 
handle extensions it doesn't understand  e.g., ignore and continue."  There 
was some email discussion after the processing plan, and I remember we 
discussed it (e.g., the problem of what's an unknown extension, versus 
what's erroneous or corrupted content).  But I can't find any record of 
resolution, nor can I remember it.

Anyone remember what we decided?



Received on Thursday, 29 May 2003 19:04:52 UTC