action item completed: AI20030410-3

AI-20030410-3 Lynne
Revise use of obsolete example in HTML and draft something to reflect what 
needs to be done for issue LC-40 (Relationship between obsolete and 

Completed.  SpecGL changed as follows:

LC-40 Obsolete (vetted by WG)
Modify 2nd sentence go G7
Deprecated features should not be used and may be removed in some future 
version, at which time the feature becomes obsolete.

Add CP7.6 Identify each obsolete feature [P3]
Conformance Requirement:  the specification MUST document each obsolete 
feature.  This checkpoint is not applicable if there are no obsolete features.
Rationale: Obsolete features are listed for historical purposes.  There is 
no guarantee of support for obsolete features by implementations of the 
Note for ExTech: obsolete features can be listed in the Change section of 
the specification (HTML 4.1)

Add definition to Section 4 Terminology.
Obsolete:  feature that is no longer defined in the specification. A 
feature is often deprecated before becoming Obsolete.

Received on Friday, 23 May 2003 08:44:59 UTC