RE: Confusion about Kirill's comments


no objection == change per Kirill

Does anyone object that we change the 20030512 resolution?

** Majority was:  change P3 to P1 per Originator comments.

** Kirill argues:  change P3 to P2.

My opinion.  Kirill's point is well taken.  There are other ways to support 
the P1 requirement (8.2) of v/e support during maintenance.  I think that 
3.2 and 8.2 could both mention in discussion that 3.2 is a great way, but 
not the only way, to do it.  (I would guess that the Originator would 
accept the explanation and clarification.)

Question.  Does TestGL have a related checkpoint, and if so, what is its 


At 03:17 PM 5/12/03 -0700, Kirill Gavrylyuk wrote:

>Lofton is correct - sorry for confusion, I meant:
> > ** okay with to raise CP8.2 (vers/errata in maintenance procedures) to P1,
> > ** raise CP3.2 (v/e support capability built into TM
> > deliverables) to P2 (instead of Commentor's suggested P1).
>The rationale for raising cp3.2 to P2 instead of P1:
>Providing support for erratas in the TM is one (probably one of the best) 
>of techniques to help comply with cp8.2, e.g. ensure that test materials 
>are in sync with erratas.
>There are other techniques (branches for erratas/versions using some 
>decent source management solution, etc)
>Requiring to support erratas in the test framework/test metadata with P1 
>seems to me too limited and may invalidate some test efforts that support 
>erratas but in a different way.

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