extra telecon time? [ACTION]

QAWG participants --

Please reply.

If we are going to have an extra telecon next week, it is likely that 
*someone* will have a conflict.  So we probably can't completely eliminate, 
but will have to try to minimize conflicts.

Please reply, which of the following times are you NOT available for one hour?

Tuesday (8-apr) 11am ET
Tuesday 12 noon ET
Wednesday 11am ET
Wednesday 12 noon ET
Thursday 11am ET
Thursday 12 noon ET
Friday 11am ET
Friday12 noon ET

(Any other time suggestions?)

For reference (next week, Europe has changed to Daylight time but US has not):

11am Eastern (ET) -- 8am Pacific (PT) -- 5pm Central Europe (Paris) [-- 
midnight Tokyo]



Received on Monday, 31 March 2003 18:51:38 UTC