Last Call Issues List

At [1] you will find the first posted version of the QAWG Last Call 
issues.  It is linked from the issues section [2] of our WG page.

There are 74 (half editorial).  Some of these are "meta-issues" -- pointers 
to documents that contain enumerated issues.  For example, XML Schema 
Working Group sent a nicely formatted HTML document with 28 issues in it, 
so we are just point to that rather than breaking apart and putting in form.

The formatting and references will be improved in some cases.  E.g., I just 
noticed #69 and #70 didn't get the treatment to avoid a monolithic block of 
text.  This is the first result with our existing almost-unchanged 
stylesheets, and our forms XML-output capability.

Two other WG have told us that they will comment next week.  (I also have 
not gotten all of my comments submitted).  Plus I have a one other 
"meta-issue" contribution to look at.

In other words ... this is not a complete list yet.



Received on Saturday, 15 March 2003 18:29:46 UTC