2/24 telecon & TM license issue

The issue of licenses for test materials will be discussed on our 
24-february QAWG teleconference.  The purpose of this session is to gather 
and clarify requirements for licenses, or at least to begin that 
process.  Defining a policy and/or legal word-smithing are out-of-scope for 
this session.

Anyone who has an interest in this, please speak to your company lawyers 
beforehand and come to the call ready to discuss your requirements and 
corresponding scenarios with respect to three issues, which Joseph has 
extracted from the email discussion to date:

1. warranties/liabilities: is there anything wrong specifically with the 
text in the software license?

2. scope of use: why must scope be constrained, what abuse are we trying to 
prevent, how will the scope be defined and tested against?

3. redistribution: is there any requirement (scenarios?) where we need to 
prevent the test suite from being redistributed (e.g., distributed with a 
toolkit, or mirrored even) under the same license, of course, from which it 
was obtained from the W3C?

These issues need to be considered in the context of the need to 
distinguish between the license under which you want to use a test suite 
versus contribute materials to a test suite.

Sending email to the QAWG list beforehand would facilitate 
discussion.  (Note that we can spend at most half of the telecon on this 
topic, as we have final pre-Boston outreach kit stuff to discuss as well.)


Received on Friday, 7 February 2003 20:06:35 UTC