Managing WWW based Services: Your feedback please

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The message bellow is a re-posting. If you already provided us with 
the required information we are grateful for your time and co-operation. 
If not and will you still want to help us by filling in the questionnaire 
in the URL bellow please do so before April the 27th. Diffusion of this 
message to the widest possible audience will also be a valuable help.

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Announcement of a questionnaire for the assessment of user 
requirements in the quality of distributed InfoSystems services

In the framework of DESIRE, a European-wide project 
funded in the Telematics for Research sector of the 4th 
Framework Programme of the European Commission, a set 
of questionnaires addressing the Quality of Services delivered 
by distributed information services (most notably the WWW) 
has been placed on line at the following URL:

We would appreciate if you could spend a few minutes filling in 
the questionnaire that better suits your profile (User, Provider, 

Processed results will be made available to those who will request 
it in the forms. Individual contributions will be kept strictly 

We would also be grateful if you would diffuse this message to 
the widest possible audience, possibly making a link to 
the above URL in your Information Server.

Part of the results may be fed in a requirements document 
to be used in the preparation of a "Web Server Management MIB", 
to be submitted to the IETF. 

Any questions regarding this exercise should be sent to

Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

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