Re: Proxy Servers and Suffix types

On www-proxy, you (Monica Berko) write:
>The CERN httpd User's guide in section 4.7 mentions that cern_httpd has extensive built-in suffinx definitions. Can anyone tell me where these are listed? I had to add an AddType definition for .hqx files whereas I thought it could have quite possibly been built in.

Use the hypertext version.  In

there's a reference to the list of predefined suffixes,

In trying to set up a side-wide list of suffixes, I was surprised to learn
that CERN httpd doesn't refer to the mime.types file used by WWW browsers
and the NCSA httpd daemon.  I decided to maintain a single mime.types file
and use a script to convert it to the AddType directive used by CERN httpd.
Some questions remain:

  is there an 'authoritative' list of suffixes? a list of example files?
  if not, can we join efforts in creating one?

  how do I register or announce my own MIME types?

  why doesn't CERN httpd use a mime.types file?
  since its inception, this list has effectively been a user support list for
    CERN httpd.  would it not be preferable to create a new mailing list for
    this purpose, for example,  especially now that has ceased to answer questions.


Reinier Post

Received on Thursday, 16 March 1995 22:39:41 UTC