Translation Characters

Well, it's happening to us again.  Our users are having trouble talking to
WAIS servers through an HTTP gateway because the translation routines in
libWWW seem to overtranslate punctuation characters.  For instance, I noticed
that the library oftens translates a colon into %3A.  This causes problems 
when an HREF points to a URL through another machine, such as in a HTTP -> WAIS
passthru, i.e.

I've read the http specifications; while they describe how to translate 
characters, there appears to be no description of which characters are to be
translated.  One would hope that the various servers would know what to do
with the translated characters, but often that is now always the case.  I've
modified the library before so that our CERN proxy would no longer translate
dollar signs;  Can anyone give me a definitive list as to what should be 
translated and what shouldn't


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