QuickTime 1.1.1 problem in Compaq

     I recently tried to put Quick Time 1.1.1 in three Compaq Personal 
     Computers and none of them works. I had an error message said 
     "Application error: Integer divided by 0". I put Quick Time in an IBM 
     PS/2, it works, however, I tried three Compaq PCs and no exception -- 
     don't work.
     Does anyone have a similar problem with Compaq? If you do, do you have 
     an idea what causes this kind of problems and how to solve it? I sent 
     an e-mail to support@compaq.com to ask a help last week, but no 
     respond from them yet.
     Liang Chen
     Deaconess Hospital
     Boston, MA

Received on Monday, 5 June 1995 04:11:20 UTC