Re: wcol-beta05, announce and call for teseter

From: (Reinier Post)
Subject: Re: wcol-beta05, announce and call for teseter
Date: Fri, 2 Jun 1995 05:20:00 +0500

> You (Kenichi Chinen) write:
> >Wcol is prefetching HTTP proxy server. 
> >Prefetch, get data before user's request is possible to reduce
> >response time. Wcol apply this technique to linked data in WWW.
> It looks promising, and few people have tried this before.
> (I sometimes prefetch by hand, using a robot :-)

Thank you.
So, It is tiral for active proxy.

That's a fair question, but it is hard to answer. because we don't
know access patterns of users (if you know paper about access, please
tell me).  We must analyze access partterns.

Prefetching system must suppose next requests from a request. Current
method suppose anchors and inline-images as next request by parsing
for HTML. Gain of this method is low. It generate unused data.
Then, I design to prefetch at proxy server. Prefetching at proxy
server will get large gain than prefetching at clients, I think.
In flankly, wcol need a lot of client to reduce network load and disk
space. I plan to load test by 10+ client.

If smart method is found, Profetching technique will be applied to

> >Documents ( is
> >under construction.
> Are you planning to add some documentation on comparisons with other proxy
> products, and on the exact prefetching algorithm you use?  Why have you
> chosen to develop your own proxy server?

Hmm. Prefetching proxy server focus reducing response time at client
and collection data what user want. I have no plan to write
comparisons with others proxy server.

The algorithm in the document is almost right. I implemented this
algorithm by multiple connections of noblocking socket.

Other proxy servers were complex and difficult to me. I write program
from scratch.

> (BTW, the conversion feature is very nice.  Do you support content
> negotiation, as supported by the Apache httpd?)

Conversion is funny. Inline JPEG is not a matter :-)
I don't know 'content negotiation'. Ok, I will study it.

Thanks for your advice.


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