Re: NNTP caching proxy

Yep, this is something I've been hoping for. I'd be writing it myself
except I've got enough bloody hacking to do as it is, and news would
be a hell of a protocol to support... ;)

Brian Rogers wrote:
>On Fri, 7 Jul 1995, Daniel O'Callaghan wrote:

>> > 	Control: cancel <some-id@some-site>
>> > 	Supercedes: <another-id@another-site>
>> Both of which can be handled by appropriate use of a GET If-modified-since 
>> type pragma in the caching algorithm.
>Is this even a part of NNRP?  I want this to work independent of http, 
>with newsreaders -- a simple news proxy.

BTW -- something that hasn't been mentioned yet. Most (good)
newsreaders these days use XOVER (the overview mechanism) for browsing
the groups' headers, and only get the articles when they're explicitly

THIS is where a caching proxy would come in very useful; if the headers
were retrieved by the proxy using XOVER and stored in its own overview
cache, the newsreaders could browse the groups very quickly -- it may
not even be necessary to cache articles AT ALL to gain an appreciable

>I think this is becoming a waste of bandwidth.  Someone has already told 
>me that he's working on this.

Ah -- who? Sign me up for an alpha, whoever you are! ;)


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