Re: stats software for server?

You (Roberto Brunel) write on the www-proxy list:
>Anyone knows of statistics software to disect CERN
>proxy/cache logs (i.e. similar to wwwstats)?

I don't understand the question - it's the same format.

A follow-up question: does anyone know of a script to translate a CERN
configuration file to a NCSA srm.conf file?  We run several servers on the
same data here, and I already run some scripts to generate conf files -
for example, the mime.types information is inserted automatically.

This allows me to maintain WWW configuration information in one place, then
distribute it automatically to wherever it's needed.  The one exception is
the NCSA configuration file, which is still updated by hand.

A partial solution would be OK (we don't use access restrictions, for
example).  Is anyone else interested in this sort of thing?

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