Netscape 1.2b2


I have just downloaded and started testing the new Netscape client for 
Windows 1.2b2.

We are running a testnetwork with a network behind two firewalls (testing 
performance and easyness of these two). The first ( ip .251) is running 
SOCKS, the second ( ip .252) is runnig CERN httpd with proxying and caheing.

Well, to the point, When we installed Netscape we didn't set it up for 
firewall/proxy. But when we type the address for our server outside the 
firewall it found it and grabbed the page.

So, Netscape is obviously scanning the network for proxyservers and uses 
the first available (The logs showed it used the .251 socks proxy)

And, it doesent tell in any matterthat it has found a proxy nor using one.

Is this a Good Thing? 

Sorry if this is well known to you, been on this list for only a few days.

Thomas Lundquist.

Received on Wednesday, 5 July 1995 05:00:26 UTC