newbie question: Harvest?

Just got onto this list.  I'm rather familiar with the CERN server, 
but this is the first I've heard of the likes of Harvest Cache.

Just had a look at the URL which Danny mentioned would briefly explain  
Lagoon and Harvest Cache.  Putting on my firewalls hat, and 
considering an organization on the order of <200 users (let's say), 
would I be correct in concluding the Harvest httpd accelerator would 
be preferable?

I've heard that the NCSA server is easier to set up than the CERN 
server.  I've avoided it until now because (last I checked) it lacks 
the caching/proxy functionality.

Maybe I should just shut up and lurk for a while....  :|

Received on Wednesday, 19 April 1995 04:56:01 UTC