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Re: Getting requests

From: Greg Porell <greg_porell@agfa-type.com>
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 98 11:01:16 -0600
Message-Id: <9802178877.AA887731556@ccmail.interliant.com>
To: <www-printing@w3.org>

     Hi Angela:
     It looks like the person from Epson is orginating from the W3C mail 
     address for some reason. I have now sent him a direct response asking 
     for his address information. We'll see what happens.  Sorry about the 
     Greg Porell

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Subject: Getting requests
Author:  <www-printing@w3.org> at Internet
Date:    2/17/98 10:01 AM

I am getting requests to be added to the mailing list.  Any idea why?
From:             ELEXUS@webtv.net (ANGELA)
From:             "Greg Porell"<greg_porell@agfa-type.com> 
To:               <www-printing@w3.org>
Subject:          Re: could i be on your mailinng lists 
Forwarded by:     www-printing@w3.org
     Please provide the appropriate mail address information, name and 
     title and I will add you to the list immediately upon approval.
     Greg Porell
Please add me to the mailing list:
           E-mail :    Nagahashi.Toshinori@exc.epson.co.jp 
           Name  :    Toshinori Nagahashi 
           Title    :     Supervisor
Thank you,
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