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Summary of 30 September - 1 October 2002 Patent Policy Working Group meeting

From: Susan Lesch <lesch@w3.org>
Date: Sun, 6 Oct 2002 16:21:00 -0700
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Twenty six people participated in the ninth Patent Policy Working Group
(PPWG) face to face meeting held 30 September - 1 October 2002. Three
participated by phone.

- There was a final discussion of the RAND Exception Task Force's
   "Core/Extension" proposal.

- The group talked about ways that implementers could find out how to get
   a license and whether patent holders could provide licensing and contact
   information on the W3C site.

- The group reached consensus that W3C Members who contribute work
   through the W3C Submission process must answer a question as to
   whether technology essential to implement their contribution is
   available royalty free. The Submission process can proceed should they
   answer either yes or no. If the submitter does not answer the question,
   no Submission can be published.

- The group discussed the timing of patent exclusion deadlines which are
   tied to each Working Group's requirements document in the current draft
   policy. They agreed to ask the W3C Advisory Board that requirements
   documents be a required part of the W3C Recommendation track in the

Eight ballot questions were decided. The PPWG voted to:

- Retain "have made" rights in the draft policy.
- Delete "have used" rights from the draft policy.
- Not provide a default license.
- Provide a way for every W3C Working Group participant to give their
   licensing information to those seeking it.
- Not adopt the RAND Exception Task Force's "Core/Extension"
   component in the proposed W3C royalty-free policy.
- Not give W3C Patent Advisory Groups (PAGs) open-ended options.
- Approve procedural amendments and clarifications to PAG process.
- Append the RAND Exception Task Force's proposal to the final PPWG
   proposed policy, indicating the vote count, so that the W3C Advisory
   Committee will know what alternative was considered.

Participants who voted for the RAND exception talked about how and when
to file minority opinions.

- The group talked at length in response to a request to add a
   requirement that W3C host site employees and W3C Team members be bound
   by the PPWG patent policy. Nine PPWG participants formed a Host/Team
   Task Force to study W3C Team and academic institution participation in
   W3C Activities. They will report back to the group.

- Possible new names for W3C patent license commitments were discussed.

The Chair and group worked out a publication and meeting schedule. The
PPWG expects to resolve all of its outstanding issues during October
and request to publish a Last Call Working Draft later this year.

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