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Comment: Policy As Presented

From: tom poe <tompoe@renonevada.net>
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 07:03:17 -0800
To: www-patentpolicy-comment@w3.org
Message-Id: <02012907031701.16499@aether>
Hello:  Simply put, your organization is charged with providing standards, 
not proprietary cash cows.  If the standard can't be met without someone's 
patented technology, announce it, and walk away.  Anything short of such a 
posture, demeans the term, Standards, and is an insult to those who rely on 
your integrity, and respect for the world community.  There's no need to 
create a body to try and "work it out".  The patent holder can submit a 
proposal for how they want to donate their patent to the Public Domain.  If 
it contains the magic words, "Royalty Free", it's a winner.

This is the second attempt to rationalize a bad policy.  Give it up.
Tom Poe
Reno, NV
Received on Tuesday, 29 January 2002 10:21:50 UTC

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