ref attribute of <DATA> not well defined

Hi Folks:

I'm reading the P3P specification.  Section "3.3.7 The DATA-GROUP and
DATA elements,", needs some improvement,

The description of the "ref" attribute of the <DATA> element is vague as
to the values one can use.  Users seeking clarification are sent to
either the example policies at and the
URI footnote, which leads to

This is inadequate.  For example, one of the sample policies has
   <DATA ref="#dynamic.clickstream"/>
in it.  But, going to the RFC, the phrase "clickstream" does not exist.  
How are users supposed to figure out what to put in here?

There needs to be an explanation similar to the one given in section "3.4 
Categories and the CATEGORIES element."

Thank you for your consideration,


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Received on Tuesday, 4 February 2003 18:22:13 UTC