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P3P and the privacy legislation in Germany:

From: Joseph M. Reagle Jr. <reagle@MIT.EDU>
Date: Thu, 06 Jul 2000 10:06:14 -0400
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To: grimm@darmstadt.gmd.de, rosnagel@uni-kassel.de
Cc: www-p3p-public-comments@w3.org
Dr. Grimm and Professor Rossnagel,

Could you please explain the points of:

o P3P doesn't not provide the authentication of the policy or the electronic
The appropriate English translated text of TDDSG states, "(7) Consent can
also be declared electronically if the provider ensures that such consent
can be given only through an unambiguous and deliberate act by the user,
consent cannot be modified without detection, the creator can be identified"
[1]. As the definition of personal data continues to be problematic (or
inconsistent across domains), would not some data that is
personal-though-not-identifiable then be required to be associated with an
identity? (What is the definition of personal data used?) Also, is there an
English text of the MDStV [2] as I assume that includes the authentication
  - this bullet could use better pointers to the (present) TDDSG and
(absent) MDStv references.

o How is the "description material for an automatic interpretation ...

o Can you cite text that requires the category to be associated with
purpose? Would this not make the matrix of possible categories/purposes when
enumerated overwhelming? The purpose of the P3P vocabulary design is to be
as expressive as possible while limiting the variables and their range [3].

o Your email addresses and the URL of the paper would be a useful thing to
include in the PDF file.

o The URL in the [IuK_97] reference is incorrect as their is a trailing
slash after the *.html .

[1] http://www.iid.de/rahmen/iukdgebt.html#a2
[2] http://www.iid.de/contents.html
[3] http://www.w3.org/People/Reagle/papers/tprc97/tprc-f2m3.html

At 12:12 2000-06-30 -0400, Y wrote:
 >An interesting new paper that explores P3P in the context
 >of European privacy legislation...
 >P3P and the privacy legislation in Germany: can P3P help to protect privacy
 >by Rüdiger Grimm and Alexander Rossnagel

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