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RE: Third party cookies

From: Jeff Finkelstein <jeff@customerparadigm.com>
Date: Mon, 16 May 2005 06:56:19 -0600
To: "Ilja Smoli" <ilja@frontdesk.ee>, <www-p3p-policy@w3.org>
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Yes, it is possible to have the cookies not be blocked, but the third party
site that is serving the cookie *must* have a P3P Privacy policy + a compact
privacy policy in place.  Depending on the type of information that you are
collecting, the privacy policy should allow the third party cookie to be
served and not be blocked.

The background: if you are serving a third-party cookie in an iFrame, there
is no real way that the average user can know that information is being
collected about them.  With P3P in Internet Explorer and other browsers,
such information is blocked unless the third party serving the cookie also
give a machine-readable, P3P privacy policy and compact privacy policy to
the end user's computer.

Hope this helps,

-- jeff

Jeff Finkelstein
Customer Paradigm
303.473.4400 x 11

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Subject: Third party cookies

Hi all
I have a web page which has other web site in IFRAME. Other web site wants
to set  a session cookie. By default settings of IE third party cookies are
blocked, so this little "privacy report" sign appears at the bottom of
browser window.
Question is: is it possible to avoid cookies to be blocked by using P3P
policy? And if it is possible, could you give brief info on this?
Thx in advance
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