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Re: Comments from ANEC on P3P version 1.1

From: Rigo Wenning <rigo@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2005 01:02:49 +0200
To: "Bruno von Niman (ANEC W3C)" <ANEC_W3CRep_Bruno@vonniman.com>
Cc: www-p3p-dev@w3.org, "'Chiara Giovannini'" <c.giovannini@anec.org>
Message-Id: <200510310002.57547.rigo@w3.org>
Dear Chiara and Bruno, 

these comments should have gone to public-p3p-spec@w3.org. I will 
forward them to the right list. Given the importance of the comments, 
the Working Group will take some time to evaluate and respond. 

Rigo Wenning            W3C/ERCIM
Staff Counsel           Privacy Activity Lead
mail:rigo@w3.org        2004, Routes des Lucioles
http://www.w3.org/      F-06902 Sophia Antipolis

Am Sunday 30 October 2005 20:38 verlautbarte Bruno von Niman (ANEC 
W3C) :
> Dear Rigo,
> I would hereby like to submit ANEC’s (www.anec.org) consumer
> interest-centric comments on the most recent and available working
> draft document, “The Platform for Privacy Preferences 1.1 (P3P1.1);
> Specification W3C Working Draft, 1 July 2005”.

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