RE: MMI - how to handle async events in VXML and CCXML to sync GUI and VUI

Hi Nicola,
I agree that VoiceXML 2.1 can't be interrupted by events. The problem is
that both VoiceXML and the HTML browser think they are in charge of the
interaction so they aren't designed to receive events from other processes. 
One strategy that you could use for your example would be to insert another
process, for example an interaction manager implemented in SCXML, into your
system, which would control both the VUI and the GUI processes. This
interaction manager could control the voice browser  if the application is
designed to only use VoiceXML in small chunks of dialog, that is, playing
the prompt and listening for a response for one turn of a dialog --
basically each turn would be defined by a <form> containing only one field.
This wouldn't quite support your example, because it would only give the
interaction manager a chance to change the VUI once a turn, but it would be
better than allowing the voice browser to go off on a irrelevant multi-turn
dialog while the user is interacting with the GUI.
Browsers aren't designed to be controlled by other processes either, but in
the case of a browser, the GUI could receive information from the
interaction manager through a mechanism like AJAX or WebSockets. So an input
on the GUI side would be submitted to the interaction manager, which would
then send new VoiceXML instructions to the voice browser at the end of the
This is basically the way that the Multimodal Architecture and Interfaces
specification [1], which was designed in part to address these kinds of
issues, works, so you might be interested in looking at that approach.


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Hey there,

in addition to that:
We worked on MMI integration for JVoiceXML. Results, including reflections
on VoiceXML 3, are here:


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> Nicola,
>   No, there is no way to interrupt a VoiceXML 2.1 application
> We worked on this feature as part of VoiceXML 3, but that 
> specification
> never completed.  As things stand, you would have to add this feature 
> to your platform as an extension.  If you want to see what we had in 
> mind for VXML 3, look at section 6.13 of the preliminary draft at 
>,  but be aware that this work was 
> never completed and large parts of the document may well be nonsense.
> - Jim
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> GUI and VUI
> Dear all
> we know that is possible to use a <data> element in a VXML page to 
> send a requesto to a ccxml page that throws an event, but how is 
> possible to
> an async event to a VXML page/platform?
> Suppose for example to have a multimodal application with two 
> channgels, a GUI in HTML and a VUI in VXML, on the VXML side i have a 
> prompt with a grammar and on the HTML side i have a form, if the form 
> is submitted
> the prompt, for a better user-experience it will be fine to stop the
> on the VUI channel and reload a new VXML page with some updated 
> information.
> Is there any feature to handle this scenario?
> With my best regards, Nicola.
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