RE: [dis] comments from the PFWG

Dear WAI Protocols and Formats WG, 
Thank you very much for your comments [1] on the First Public Working Draft
of "Discovery & Registration of Multimodal Modality Components: State
Handling" at: They are very helpful
and we will address them in the next publication. At this time we don't
believe that we need any more details, but we will consult you if we have
any questions as we revise the Working Draft.
Best regards,
Debbie Dahl, MMI Working Group Chair, for the MMI WG


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Subject: [dis] comments from the PFWG

Dear MMI:

The PFWG has noted your recent FPWD of "discovery & registration of
multimodal modality components: state handling" at:

We do not have comments on the substance of this document at this time.
However, we have noted a few accessibility concerns in the presentational
markup that we would request you to remedy in a future draft.

*	Insufficient Contrast in Graphics
		We believe the colors chosen for graphics in this
		document would not meet WCAG requirements for color

		*	Fonts in Graphics Too Small

			We found verbiage in your graphics difficult to
			read because of the font size.

		*	Lack of Longdesc

			Please provide an HTML Longdesc for all graphics
			whose content is not verbally communicated in
			the verbal text of the document.

			Please let us know if we should provide
			additional details, and thank you for your
			consideration of our comments.

			Janina Sajka, for PFWG


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