Minutes, Multimodal interaction weekly call, July 20, 2015

Note: Now that the Working Group is public, we will be sending a summary of
the weekly teleconferences to this list.


Minutes: MMI WG weekly call


20 Jul 2015



         1. actions

         2. Japanese chapter update

         3. Discovery and Registration

         4. WoT coordination

         5. Use Case Wiki


1. Actions


Kazuyuki is working on updating Working Group public pages. He will

update the publication schedule, implementations, presentations and

demo on public pages http://www.w3.org/2002/mmi/Overview.html


Debbie will send a message to the list to ask people for

implementations that they might like to include on the list of MMI



Debbie will send a message about rejoining the WG to the current WG



2. Japanese chapter update


There are no updates, but the Japanese chapter should be able to

proceed with MMI use case discussion in August


3. Discovery and Registration


Helena will update the draft with the editorial comments we have received.

Our next publication of this WD will be based on the 2014 W3C Process


Helena will present a conference paper summarizing work on Discovery

at The 21st International Conference on Distributed Multimedia Systems

in Vancouver, August 31-September 2, should get some good feedback.


Helena is working on a new WD which will discuss vocabulary for discovery.


4. WoT Interest Group Coordination


Helena attended WoT Discovery TF call two weeks ago, talking about JS API's

Debbie attended the WoT API TF last week.


5. Use Case Wiki


We need to provide more details on the Use Cases in the Wiki.


We could pick one or two use cases and start a discussion, for example, UC-3
wearables, or UC-7, multimodal appliances.

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