Reminder: CfP - Special issue on Multimodal Interfaces

*EAI Transactions on Creative Technologies *

*Special issue on Multimodal Interfaces **for** Natural Interactions *

*Call* *for* *Papers*

*Main submission deadline*: May 25th, 2014


Creativity and user interfaces become an application field of cutting edge
technologies like human behavior tracking and understanding, social signal
processing, artificial intelligence systems or embodied agents.

EAI Transactions on Creative Technologies aims in providing a forge between
science, technology and human factors on one side, and creative industries
on the other side naturally leading to the theme of this special issue:
“where technology gets closer to the human being”.

This special issue aims to encourage and publish research about the
challenges and new trends associated with applying multimodal interactions
and natural user interfaces to education, entertainment and assistive
technologies in a creative way or to foster human creativity. The
publications can be either long or short papers ( related to the three main
applications domains listed below:


*Human factor perspective *

- Telepresence, immersion feeling and body ownership

- Human-machine cooperation in teleoperation and telerobotics

- Usability and ergonomic systems

- User experience

- Human performance in virtual and augmented reality

- Intuitive interfaces and personalized systems in real

and virtual environments

- Involvement of original sensorial modalities in HCI (e.g.

proprioception, touch, smell, ...)

- Human behavior analysis for media personalization and

motivation/emotions discovery (head/eye/face/body tracking)

- Multimodality for biometric interfaces

*Technologies **for** gaming and entertainment *

- Creative interfaces for games and serious games

- One or a set of robots interaction with human players

- Augmented instruments and new digital instruments

- Real-time audio/voice/singing/laughter synthesis

- Real-time MoCap mapping and interpretation

- Sensors for artistic performances

- Live interaction with intelligent robots

- Stylistic movement synthesis and human behavior mapping on virtual


- Real-time HQ data processing

- Linked TV and web media

- Mobile movement/localization and multimedia data visualization

and browsing

- Adaptive and intelligent projections on buildings or inside

buildings (e.g., walls, objects, ...)

*Assistive and educative technologies *

- Augmentative and alternative communication

- Ambient assisted living / domotics

- Design for all

- Interfaces for sensory impairments

- Interfaces for motor impairments (e.g., eye-tracking, BCI, ...)

- Gestures analysis and recognition for interactive setups

- On the use of Natural User Interfaces in education

- Multimodal interfaces for improving the learning process

- Acquisition of new cognitive and motor skills through NUI

- Tangible interfaces


- By May 25th, 2014: Submission of manuscripts

- By July 25th, 2014: Notification about decisions on initial submissions

- By September 25th, 2014: Submission of revised manuscripts

- By November 25th, 2014: Notification about decisions on revised

- By December 25th, 2014: Submission of manuscripts with final minor
changes and electronic publication on the EAI Transactions website early


The invited editors of this special issue of the EAI Transactions on
Creative Technologies on Multimodal Interfaces for Natural Interactions

- Yves Rybarczyk

- Tiago Cardoso

- João Rosas

from the New University of Lisbon (FCT/UNL), Portugal


Please see the instructions for authors on the EAI Transactions website


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