Apparent inconsistency between W3C Pointer Event spec and EMMA 1.1 spec [Honeywell Internal]

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Section 5.1 of the Pointer Event spec defines pointerType as follows:

pointerType of type DOMString, readonly
Indicates the device type that caused the event (mouse, pen, touch, etc.). If a user agent is to fire a pointer event for a mouse, pen stylus, or touch input device, then the value of pointerType must be according to the following table:
Pointer Device Type

pointerType Value



Pen Stylus


Touch Contact


Section 4.2.11 of the EMMA 1.1 spec defines emma:device-type as follows:


The type of device, or list of types of device through which the input is captured. An attribute of type xsd:nmtokens which contains a space delimited set of values from an open set of values including: {microphone, touchscreen, mouse, keypad, keyboard, pen, joystick, touchpad, scanner, camera_2d, camera_3d,thumbwheel...}.

These definitions overlap but do not appear to be consistent between each other.   In particular, the EMMA definition isn't an extension of the Pointer Event spec definition. Nor do they have the same type name. Nor do they reference each other.

Can this be corrected? If not, can it be explained?

I'm trying to implement a system that handles all of the W3C event specifications in a consistent manner.

Steve Hickman
System Architect, Flight Deck of the Future

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