Coordination of EMMA with DOM level 2, DOM Level 3 and Pointer Event types [Honeywell Internal]

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Section 1.1 of the EMMA 1.1 spec states that EMMA markup can be generated by a variety of input devices.  DOM Level 2, DOM Level 3, and Point Event type specs list events that can also be generated by a variety of input devices (mostly pointing devices and keyboards).  It does not appear:

a)      That the EMMA spec is coordinated with these other specs to insure a complete set of event types covering all possible types of input events that can be generated.

b)      That EMMA is coordinated with these other specs in terms of its syntax.

c)       That a distinction has been made in EMMA between device level input and multimodal coordination of data / events from different devices / device types.

d)      That EMMA can handle the inclusion of pointer events in any event coordination it organizes.

Have I really missed something here? Will these issues be addressed? Ideally, I would like a consistent syntax, a complete (or easily extensible) set of input event types, and ability to coordinate events of all types to produce multimodal "application level" events from these individual "device level" events.  Will I get that?

Steve Hickman
System Architect, Flight Deck of the Future

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