Re: Apparent inconsistency between W3C Pointer Event spec and EMMA 1.1 spec [Honeywell Internal]

On 10/1/13 12:28 PM, ext Hickman, Steve (AdvTech) wrote:
> This particular issue may only be the tip of the iceberg.
> I suspect fixing the problem will require some significant changes to both specs in order to make them consistent with each other. In this particular case, it will most likely mean making the Pointer spec pointer type a subset of the EMMA device type. Making that change, however, will likely result in other changes as well.

I'm not sure of the usefulness of the hyperbole (e.g. "tip of the 
iceberg", "significant changes") and vagueness (e.g. "may", "suspect", 
"most likely"). However, if you have any concrete analysis and data, 
especially _specific_ interop issues (`in the wild`) this "issue" is 
causing, please provide the relevant URLs.

FYI, your comment is included in the PE CR's comment tracking doc [ctd].

-Thanks, AB

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