Re: [arch] Appendix A: Modality State Components

Hey Debiie,

this solution is fully acceptable.


> Hi Dirk,
> We've discussed your question in the Working Group, and we agree with your
> suggestion that we should not say that an MC ignores a request because
> responses are, as you point out, required for most requests. It would be
> better to say  "no transition" or "remain in state". We will clarify the
> spec accordingly. 
> Since we are tracking all comment threads at this point, please let us know
> by June 15 if this resolution is acceptable, otherwise we will assume that
> you agree with our decision (but it is very helpful to have an explicit
> response).
> Best regards,
> Debbie Dahl, MMI WG Chair

Received on Monday, 11 June 2012 08:03:38 UTC