Re: Wrong use of Timestamps in EmotionML

Hello Gerhard,

thanks for your comments on EmotionML timestamps.

We track this as the following two issues:

ISSUE-191 Wrong use of timestamps in EmotionML
ISSUE-192 Suggestion to use XML Schema's DateTime instead milliseconds 
in EmotionML timestamps

The group will discuss this and come back with a proposed solution.

Best regards,
Marc Schröder, EmotionML Editor

On 21.06.11 21:02, Gerhard Fobe wrote:
> Hello EmotionML-Team,
> in EmotionML 1.0 W3C Working Draft 7 April 2011 I found two problems
> with the use of timestamps.
> First problem
> -------------
> In section (Timestamps - Absolute time) the definition says that
> the attributes "start" and "end" indicate the number of milliseconds
> since 1970-01-01 0:00:00, but the example below seems to use a normal
> unix timestamp (1268647200 = 2010-03-15 10:00:00 - a moment during the
> definition of EmotionML). Same use in example of (Duration).
> That a unix timestamp is meant shows 5.1.2 (Automatic recognition of
> emotions) with "23 November 2001 from 14:36 onwards (absolute start time
> is 1006526160 milliseconds since 1 January 1970 00:00:00 GMT)".
> "1006526160 seconds" will be the right here.
> Second problem
> --------------
> With the help of a unix timestamp or a timestamp defined as
> xsd:nonNegativeInteger no moments before 1970 can be defined. This
> includes that no moments bevor christ can be used. So e.g. “emotional
> diaries” of a poets like Friedrich Schiller or Gaius Iulius Caesar can
> not be annotated in their real time.
> Possible solution
> -----------------
> I inspire to use xsd:dateTime
> ( instead of
> xsd:nonNegativeInteger for the attributes start and end of<emotion>.
> With the help of this we can annotate also dates before 1970 and bevore
> christ also with fractional seconds.
> I hope this can help EmotionML to become a famous W3C-Recommendation.
> Gerhard Fobe
> Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany

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