Re: [ink] Responses to your comments on the W3C InkML Working Draft

Le lundi 30 août 2010 à 00:14 +0000, Tom Underhill a écrit :
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> Comment #152:
> ------------
> * the abstract says that InkML is for "in the W3C Multimodal
> Interaction Framework as proposed by the W3C Multimodal Interaction
> Activity"; it looks to me that it is not restricted to that usage, so
> I would remove that phrase
> ------------
> Resolution: accepted
> ------------
> Changed to:
> This document describes the syntax and semantics for the Ink Markup
> Language.  The Ink Markup Language serves as the data format for
> representing ink entered with an electronic pen or stylus. The markup
> allows for the input and processing of handwriting, gestures,
> sketches, music and other notational languages in applications. It
> provides a common format for the exchange of ink data between
> components such as handwriting and gesture recognizers, signature
> verifiers, and other ink-aware modules.  It may be used in the W3C
> Multimodal Interaction Framework as proposed by the W3C Multimodal
> Interaction Activity. 

It's an improvement, thanks; I think it's a bit long, but clearly this
is up to your editorial discretion :)

> Comment #165:
> ------------
> * the existence of DefaultCanvas (5.3) means that this id cannot be
> used anywhere else as id in an InkML document ; that should probably
> highlighted much more visibly; wouldn't it make more sense to have
> that URI a non-relative URI, but a well-known URI à la
> ?
> ------------
> Resolution: rejected
> ------------
> There are already implementations the use "#DefaultCanvas"

How do they react when an element in an InkML file as an id of

In any case, even if the spec isn't changed (which seems sub-optimal to
me), I strongly recommend calling out explicitly the restriction on the
authorized ids. It probably ought to be added to the XML Schema as well
if that's technically possible.

> Comment #173:
> ------------
> * the schema forbids having more than one <channel> element with the name "X" (or "Y") - that seems like a bug (or the first example in 7.1 is buggy)
> ------------
> Resolution: rejected
> ------------
> You may not have more than one <channel> with the same name within a <traceFormat>.

That's not what the XML Schema enforces:
   <xsd:element name="ink" type="inkml:ink.type">
      <xsd:key name="channelNameKey">
         <xsd:selector xpath=".//inkml:channel"/>
         <xsd:field xpath="@name"/>
says that no channel can have the same name anywhere in an InkML



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