University of Trento - Italy "EMMA Implementation Report"


University of Trento -Italy

EMMA Implementation Report


Executive Summary


The Voice Multi Modal Application Framework developed at 

University of Trento, Italy (UNITN), supports the 

Extensible MultiModal Annotation 1.0 (EMMA) standard. 

UNITN recognizes the crucial role of EMMA standard in the

creation and deployment of multimodal applications. 

We believe that EMMA covers a wide variety of innovative 

multimodal applications. EMMA standard provides strong support for 

interoperable applications based on user input modalities such as

speech, text, mouse clicks and pen gestures.


We believe that EMMA facilitates interoperability of different components
(GUI and VUI), and enables effective logging and archiving of multimodal


Adaptive Multimodal Information and Interfaces Lab

University of Trento -Italy




Prof. Ing. Giuseppe Riccardi

Marie Curie Excellence Leader

Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science

University of Trento 

Room D11, via Sommarive 14

38050 Povo di Trento, Italy

tel  : +39-0461 882087 

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