Re: [EMMA] i18n comment: multiple language value separators

I18N-3:  REJECT, Issue of space vs , for separating multiple values 


SUBSTANTIVE (, to separate values)


Comment from the i18n review of:


Comment 3


Editorial/substantive: S

Owner: RI


Location in reviewed document:

4.2.5 []



[[several language identifiers separated by spaces]]



HTTP and HTML meta elements also allow for multiple 

language tags, but use commas to separate tags, 

rather than just spaces. It may reduce confusion 

to follow the same approach.




REJECT: We agree that ',' are used in elements for 

separation of multiple values but in

this case we are addressing separation of multiple

values within attribute values. It is common practice in 

attributes for values to be space separated.

Furthermore, the value of emma:lang and other attributes in EMMA

which can hold multiple values, such as emma:medium 

and emma:mode is of type XSD:NMTokens which is a white space

separated list of XSD:NMToken values.

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