Workshop on Multimodal and Pervasive Services

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		2nd International Workshop on Multimodal And Pervasive
						(M A P S'07 )
				July 15 - 20, 2007, Istanbul, Turkey


		IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Services 2007
				July 15 - 20, 2007, Istanbul, Turkey

Aims and Scope

Pervasive services are created by connection of computer, networks, devices
and sensors. Computing environments are often difficult to use for people
without technological ability and for people with disabilities.
Multimodality makes easy the access to pervasive services. Multimodal
interaction offers users the freedom to select from multiple modes of
interaction with services. 
Multimodality and pervasive services permit to break down barriers about
human-computer interaction making communication intuitive and spontaneous.
Multimodal pervasive services improve the interaction between human and
system because it mmakes characteristics of the systems more analogue to the
paradigm of human-to human interaction. Indeed the human communication is
often obtained by the combination of different modes and therefore it is
Multimodal interaction improves the accessibility of the pervasive services.
The objectives of the MAPS Workshop are to give the state of the art, and to
propose new methods, techniques and approaches of multimodal interaction for
offering pervasive services and improving a practice access to pervasive
services from mobile devices.

List of topics

The MAPS Workshop invites researchers, engineers, services developers to
propose their research and works in the field of multimodality and pervasive
services. Papers may deal on method, models, case studies, practical
experience and technologies. The papers can include topics as: 
• Accessibility of multimodal interfaces
• Multimodal mobile services
• Methods of multimodal integration
• Advanced multimodal interfaces
• Multimodal web and services
• Multimodal interaction in mobile devices
• Future Pervasive and immersive environments
• Future pervasive and interactive communication system
• Interaction metaphors for pervasive services
• Usability evaluation methodologies for pervasive application
• Environments and algorithms for pervasive application development
• Development tools for flexible and adaptive interaction methods
• Interactive context-aware services on mobile devices
• Affective digital content
• Humanising interfaces
• Design of new services
• User experiences, user studies
• Application and scenarios

MAPS Workshop Organisation committee

• Patrizia Grifoni, IRPPS-CNR, Rome, Italy (
• Maria Chiara Caschera, IRPPS-CNR, Rome, Italy (

Technical Program Committee

• Kazuyuki Ashimura, W3C/Keio University
• Nadia Bianchi-Berthouze, UCL Interaction Centre, UK
• Maria Chiara Caschera, National Research Council-IRPPS, Italy
• Deborah A. Dahl, Conversational Technologies, USA
• Alfred Dielmann, CSTR University of Edinburgh, UK
• Sorin Dusan, Rutgers University, USA
• Antonio FernŠndez-Caballero, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Spain
• Fernando Ferri, National Research Council-IRPPS, Italy
• Patrizia Grifoni, National Research Council-IRPPS, Italy
• Pascal Hamisu, Technische Universitšt Darmstadt, Germany
• Paolo Merialdo, University of Rome "Roma Tre", Italy
• Robert James Steele, University of Technology Sydney, Australia
• Riccardo Torlone, University of Rome "Roma Tre", Italy

Paper Submission and Proceedings

Authors are invited to submit original manuscripts, which should be written
in English and 
with a very precise and concise presentation of no more than 6 pages in IEEE
format. Reviewers are not required to read the appendices and the paper
should be intelligible 
without them. Authors are invited to send their manuscripts as an attachment
(PDF/PS format)
by email to the Workshop Chairs at:

Submission implies the willingness of at least one of the authors to
register and present 
the paper. The 2nd MAPS 2007 Workshop Proceedings will be published by the
IEEE Computer 
Society Press , and distributed at the Workshop.

Important Dates
• Submission of abstract: April. 13, 2007
• Submission of papers: April. 28, 2007
• Notification of acceptance: May 10, 2007
• Camera-ready version of papers: May 14, 2007
• Workshop date: July 2007

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