Summary of the MMI Working Group's Oslo face to face meeting

The W3C Multimodal Interaction Working Group [1] met in Oslo, Norway
on Monday and Tuesday, September 18 and 19, hosted by Opera
Software. A joint session was held on September 20 with the W3C Voice
Browser Working Group.

During the Multimodal meeting, we finalized a set of topics to be
considered in preparation for the next Working Draft of the MMI
Architecture [2]. These include: confidentiality of events,
application startup and the availability of components, and handling
application-specific events. We also discussed some SCXML-related
points, such as how to expose and name events in SCXML.

We expect the next Working Draft of the Architecture document to be
published in early November.

In the authoring work Jim Larson reviewed an example of an application
using XHTML, SCXML, and VoiceXML. Hak Gyoon Kim showed an example that
also included SVG.

The EMMA [3]discussion focused on the Implementation Report. This is
the major remaining task in EMMA before it transitions to
Candidate Recommendation. At that point we will be requesting
implementation reports from anyone who's implemented EMMA, describing
the features that they've implemented, in order to verify that the
spec is implementable.

Additional presentations were presented by Opera on their perspective
on Multimodal interaction, and we also saw demos by Opera on web
applications and by Loquendo describing a human-like software agent
for customer care, and finally a presentation and demo by TeliaSonera
on their multimodal work.

During the joint meeting we discussed SCXML [4], and saw a
demonstration by Torbjoern Lager from the Linguistics department of
Goeteborg University of his Synergy SCXML implementation [5] and
discussed his suggestions for enhancing the SCXML Language.

Thanks to Opera for hosting the meeting and related activities. The
next MMIWG face-to-face meeting is scheduled for Boston,
Massachusetts, January 26-27.

best regards,

Debbie Dahl
MMI Working Group Chair

[1] Multimodal Interaction Working Group:
[2] MMI Architecture:
[3] EMMA:
[4] SCXML:
[5] University of Goeteborg SCXML demo:

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