ICMI 2005 registration now open

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Dear Colleagues,

It is our pleasure to announce that the registration for ICMI 2005 is
now open!

Early registration is open until August 31, 2005, and late registration
is available until Sept. 30th, 2005.


Seventh International Conference on Multimodal Interfaces (ICMI 2005)
October 4-6, 2005
Centro Servizi Culturali S. Chiara
Via S. Croce 67 38100 TRENTO


Sponsored by ACM

The Seventh International Conference on Multimodal Interfaces (ICMI
2005) will take place in Trento, Italy October 4-6, 2005, with the theme
of multimodal input and output interfaces through mobile technologies
and applications. The main aim of ICMI 2005 is to further scientific
research within the broad field of multimodal interaction & systems. The
conference will focus on major trends and challenges in this area,
including distilling a roadmap for future research and commercial

Topics of special interest include multimodal input and output
interfaces, fusion techniques & hybrid architectures, processing of
language and action patterns, gaze and vision-based interfaces, speech &
conversational interfaces, pen-based interfaces, haptics interfaces,
cognitive modelling of users, artificial intelligence techniques,
adaptive multimodal interfaces, multibiometric interfaces,
multimodal-multisensor interfaces, interfaces for attentive and
intelligent environments, multimodal interfaces that support cooperation
and teamwork within groups, mobile, tangible and virtual/augmented
multimodal interfaces, universal access interfaces, multimodal
applications and demonstrations, and multimodal system infrastructure
and tools for data collection, design, development, and evaluation of
multimodal interfaces.

The program includes:

- Single track podium presentations

- Poster and Demo sessions

- A Doctoral Spotlight session

- three keynote presentations by:

        Marc Ernst, MPI for Biological Cybernetics, (Germany)
        Sandy Pentland, MIT Media Lab, (U.S.A)
        Hiroshi Ishiguro, Osaka University & ATR Intelligent Robotics
and Communications Laboratories, (Japan)

- four workshops on new and emerging topics:

        Multimodal Interaction for the visualization and exploration of
scientific data (http://staff.science.uva.nl/~elenaz/ICMI/)
        Linguistic engineering meets cognitive engineering in the
interface design of multimodal systems
        Multimodal multiparty meeting processing
        User-centred design and evaluation of services for human-human
communication and collaboration

- four tutorials:
        Gesture Recognition
        Modeling Multimodal Human-Computer Interaction
        Audio-Video based person tracking
        Statistical Machine Learning, with Applications to Multimodal
Interactions (http://icmi05.itc.it/wiki/pub/content.pdf)

ICMI 2005 Organizers:

Gianni Lazzari (IRST, Trento, Italy)
Fabio Pianesi (IRST, Trento, Italy)

ICMI 2005 Program Committee:

James Crowley, I.N.P. Grenoble (France) Kenji Mase, Nagoya University
(Japan) Sharon Oviatt, Oregon Health & Sciences University (U.S.A.)



For registration and other information, please visit the ICMI 2005
website at http://icmi05.itc.it/.


Students grants:

Grants are available for students, with priority based on need and on
how the student will participate in ICMI 2005.

For travel from the US to ICMI by US residents, a grant has been
obtained from the NSF. In order to apply for these funds, please email
Trevor Durrell (trevorATcsail.mit.edu).

For people from other areas, support is available directly from ICMI
2005; please email Fabio Pianesi (pianesiATitc.it) or Alessandro Tuccio

In both cases, please indicate:

whether you are a (co-)author of an accepted presentation;

your contact information;

an indication of how you plan to participate in ICMI and how it would
impact your thesis research;

a statement from your advisor or department indicating to what extent
they will be able to support your trip without support from the NSF or
ICMI grant.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Trento, Italy.

Silvia Rocchi

ICMI 2005 Organizing Committee

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