brief intro


this is the last of four related messages:
   - editorial comments
   - substantive comments
   - RDF related comments
   - brief biographical introduction

It may be helpful in understanding our comments to have a brief 

Jeremy Carroll and Mark Butler both work on the Semantic Web in HP Labs, 

Jeremy Carroll is an HP rep on Semantic Web Best Practices and 
Deployment WG, and was the HP rep on both the RDF Core and Web Ontology 
Working Groups. He is an editor of the RDF Concepts and Abstract Syntax 
Rec [1], and the OWL Test Cases Rec [2]. He is one of the developers of 
the Jena Semantic Web Framework [3] which includes an events mechanism 
for tracking changes in an RDF Graph.

Mark Butler was chair of the CC/PP Working Group, is an editor of 
Composite Capability/Preference Profiles (CC/PP) [4], and while no 
longer a participant in DIWG, continues to work with them on the 
Semantic Web aspects of their work. He is happy to continue 
collaborating with DIWG on joint work with MMI WG on DPF.





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