Re: RDF version of EMMA?

Malte Kiesel <> wrote:

> in the EMMA working draft:
> "This section defines the formal syntax for EMMA documents in terms of
> a normative XML Schema, an informative Document Type Definition (DTD)
> and a normative RDF Schema for the RDF properties defined by EMMA."
> Does this mean there will be a pure RDF version of EMMA (and when)?
> Are there any examples for EMMA in RDF available?

This is a leftover from a previous draft. As the introduction says,
the RDF syntax defined in the previous draft was dropped. 

I, for one, think an RDF syntax (but with a better design than the
previous) could be valuable to EMMA, but I don't see it as a priority
for now. Perhaps with more feedback like yours the group might

Feel free to send last call comments and proposals to this list!


Received on Wednesday, 20 October 2004 11:41:19 UTC