MMI WG publication -- Modality Component to Host Environment interfaces

The Multimodal Interaction Working Group is pleased to
announce the publication of the Modality Component to Host 
Environment Requirements and Capabilities Assessment for the Document 
Object Model (DOM) as a Working Group Note [1]. 
This note is based on work outlined in the MMI Framework [2]. 
The document examines interfaces between modality components 
and their host environments. 

The document describes the DOM capabilities needed to 
support a heterogeneous multimodal environment and the 
current state of DOM interfaces supporting those capabilities. 
These DOM interfaces are used between modality components and 
their host environment in the W3C Multimodal Interaction 
Framework as proposed by the W3C Multimodal Interaction Activity.

The Multimodal Interaction Framework separates multimodal 
systems into a set of functional units, including Input
and Output components, an Interaction Mananger, Session 
Components, System and Environment, and Application Functions. 
In order for those functional components to interact with each 
other to form an application interpreter, the browser 
implementation must allow for communication and coordination 
between those components. This DOM interface identifies the 
DOM APIs used to communicate and coordinate at the browser 
implemention level. Multimodal browsers can be stand-alone 
or distributed systems.

The MMI WG would very much appreciate feedback from
readers of this list.

best regards,

Debbie Dahl
MMI WG Chair


Received on Friday, 14 May 2004 13:56:12 UTC