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help in InkML verification

From: Vinod Mankar <v2k1@rediffmail.com>
Date: 5 Dec 2004 06:04:53 -0000
Message-ID: <20041205060453.29034.qmail@webmail45.rediffmail.com>
To: www-multimodal@w3.org
Hi all,

Here i have a inkml representation, tht i hav written after going 
through the standard no. of times. 

  <channelDef name="T">
   <representation type="integer" units="ms" relativeTo="trace" />

 <traceFormat id="default">
   <channel name="X" type="integer">
   <channel name="Y" type="integer">
   <channel name="T" type="integer">
 <trace id="t001" timeOffset="0"> 
 10 20 100 11 20 120 13 20 215 19 21 290  </trace>
  X  Y  T   X  Y  T   X  Y  T   X  Y  T  <- represents which channel is  being represented, just for explaining.


<trace id="t002" timeOffset="400"> 
 110 20 90  111 20 110 113 20 201 119 21 296 </trace>

  X  Y   T   X   Y  T   X  Y   T   X  Y   T  <- represents which channel is  being represented, just for explaining.


wht i am trying is:
1. there are 3 channels, X, Y and the time channel T.
2. the values of the time channel are relative to the time specified 
   in each <trace> tags timeOffset attribute. 
3. The timeOffset attribute in <trace> is recording the current time
   of the day.

wht needs to be clarified is tht 

1. do i need to specify the <channelDef> for X and Y also ?
   or they assume some defaults(wht).

2. i hav a Pegasus electronic pen, i want to capture wht i am writing 
   and accordingly store it in InkMl file. and then whenever required 
   reproduce the same in the same way tht i wrote, just like animation,
   like i am writing in real time.

  SO i do not need the time reference relative to say  1 jan 2004 etc.
  i just need to measure the time with respect to the instance when i 
  started writing.

  Therefore first <trace> will have timeOffset=0 and the each of the 
  T in that <trace> will have offset set accordingly.

 In the following example, 2 parallel vertical lines separated by 
 100 points are being drawn.

 please help verify the tags. all sorts of suggestions are welcome.

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