Use IRI for contentCategory

This is a comment on

a) section 5.1 is not included in the table of contents

b) Instead of using string values I suggest that contentCategory should be an 
IRI, (i.e. an xsd:anyURI)

Ideally this would be a URL with fragment in which the URL would resolve to an 
RDF document and the fragment would be a concept defined within that 

The predefined categories "Text/English", "Drawing", "Math", "Music" could 
then be defined in an RDF document defined by W3C.

(Text/English looks a bit difficult from an I18N point of view).

It might be good to provide an RDF slot within your format for arbitrary 
addition to the contentCategory.

Jeremy Carroll
(editor RDF Concepts WD)

Received on Friday, 12 September 2003 16:02:09 UTC